WIP Wednesday

It’s update time!

And it’s about time, too! My plan was to write one of these every Wednesday, but I think it’s been a little over a month since my last one. Although it’s not like it was ever an official New Year’s resolution or anything, so I don’t feel that guilty…

Anywho, the purpose of WIP (Work-In-Progress) Wednesdays is so I can set personal writing goals. It also serves as a way to let you all know what I’m working on. I hope you’ll join me and link back to your own.

To play, just fill in the following:

1. What are you currently writing?

2. Inspirations:

3. Plan for the upcoming week:


1. What are you currently writing?

I’ve mentioned this in other blog posts, but I am still working on Relapse (the sequel to Reborn). I mean, it’s definitely a work in progress. I didn’t really touch it at all over my holiday break, and then I had a pretty annoying case of writer’s block for about a month. I had written the first few chapters, but I didn’t like much of  it. I knew where the story was going but was stuck transitioning from the very beginning to those other things. Sometimes I jump ahead and write whatever comes to me, even if it belongs later in the story, but in this case I really felt like the beginning had to be ironed out more before I could go on. (How do you write? Do you go in a particular order, or write whatever comes to you and piece it all together later? Or some other way?)

The good news is, I’m on a bit of a roll now. I fixed the part I hated, and I’m really excited about it again. In the past week or so I’ve written 3200 words. My word count goal for the whole book is 70K, so we’ll see how that goes.

2. Inspirations:

Those of you who have followed The Urge to Write may have noticed my small tendency to obsess over things. One of my obsessions is the 80s, particularly 80s music and fantasy/sci-fi films. There’s just something magical about the combination of 80s fashion, hair and music with fantastical elements like vampires (think The Lost Boys) and, er, goblin kings. So as tokens of my current obsessions, I leave you with a picture of young Billy Idol and the music video of Gary Numan’s Cars. (I love this song. Gary has about as much charisma as a sea bass, but that actually kind of seems to work for him here.)

3. Plan for the upcoming week:

To write at least 1500 more words of Relapse. I also have some fun blog posts in mind. The first is Part 2 of my Reborn dream cast. The other is a post dedicated to one of my other ongoing obsessions: misunderstood fictional characters.

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I started to edit “Check Mate” but then started to add to it instead. I want to get ready to send out to publishers (most likely SCP). In between that, I’m trying to do a third edit on “Forever Mine” that needs to be back to the publisher next month. Then I open “Doll Shoppe” to change one thing and end up reading the whole thing over again…..

    Inspirations? Doing a mindless task at work all week and getting filled to the brim with story ideas. I have way too many things I “want” to write, but need to do other things first.

    Good luck on making your goals! And I like that certain goblin king as well 😉 The ball scene inspired a scene in Nightwalkers….


    • Good luck with your edits and getting Check Mate accepted! I totally understand, these things happen to me too whenever I go back to edit or change *one* thing…it’s so hard to choose between the edits that need to get done and new ideas fighting for our attention!!!

      Haha, there is totally going to be a masquerade in Relapse because of the Labyrinth ball scene!!! It just has to happen.

      I’m also basing one of my new characters off of Billy Idol…I don’t know how people will feel about that lol.

      Thanks for sharing!


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