WIP Wednesday

It’s update time!

The purpose of WIP (Work-In-Progress) Wednesdays is so I can set personal writing goals. It also serves as a way to let you all know what I’m working on. I hope you’ll join me and link back to your own or share in the comments!

To play, just fill in the following:

1. What are you currently writing?

2. Inspirations:

3. Plan for the upcoming week:


1. What are you currently writing?

So I’m realizing I tend not to jump from project to project…I stick with one at a time. Which means I am of course still working on Relapse. (I’m liking the title…I don’t think that will change…) I’ve written 3890 words this week, surpassing my goal of 1500! I feel like I should work on it tonight, but I’m feeling pretty lazy. I also did get around to writing Part 2 of my Reborn dream movie cast, so check that out if you haven’t!

2. Inspirations:

I sort of hate even posting this because I don’t like Katy Perry that much, but someone is writing perfectly catchy, likeable songs for her. Anyway, this song reminds me of one of my characters/couples.

3. Plan for the upcoming week:

I’ll up my game and aim for 3000 words since I seem to be able to write at least that much in a week anyway. I hope to have Part 1 written by the end of February, if not earlier. Then I may have to force myself to put it away while I get ready for my comprehensive exam at the beginning of April…..

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. WIP Wednesdays – what a great idea!

    btw, someone firmly agreed with your comment on my little ebook article.

    Looking forward to next wednesday’s update too…

    As for me, am reading ‘beyond the law’ to write a review.
    Working on some more short stories for an anthology I hope to have ready by the summer.
    Lastly, working on my long-term project of a comedy sci-fi novel, a sort of cross between Hitch Hiker’s Guide & Red Dwarf, but updated to take into account all the latest gadgets and technology.


    • Thanks for sharing! What are your plans for your anthology–self-publishing or some other route? In any case looking forward to reading it. Your novel also sounds awesome!!! I love sci-fi, comedies like Red Dwarf but also the classic novels–Stranger in a Strange Land, Brave New World to name a few.


  2. Katy’s song Unconditionally gave me some ideas on this story I’ve been trying to write. The plan is that the story will explore unconditional love and all that entails. I’m not writing the story at this exact moment but I’m excited by it.


  3. I’ll almost certainly go down the self-publishing route with the anthology of humorous crime/murder tales, and give it away as a freebie to try and help build up a readership prior to publishing my novel.

    Brave New world was awesome, as was Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and a host of others


    • Lol. She actually kinda bothers me, although I like some of her songs. I just feel like she’s raking in millions of dollars for jumping around and having a mediocre voice, haha.


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