Blogger Interview with S.L. Stacy!

Go check out my interview on Inside the Mind of a Fantasy Writer and thanks to Heidi for featuring me on her blog today! Then go check out the rest of her blog because it rocks!

H.N. Sieverding


She’s one of my favorite bloggers and someone I’m excited to introduce you to.  She’s a college student but also loves to write in her free time.  Her first novel, The Fallen, a Paranormal Romance, is almost completed.  Apart from working on the novel, she also writes fan fiction.  If you want to check out some sneak peeks of The Fallen, take a look HERE to read some chapters from it.

1.  Tell me about the book you’re writing and what your plans for it are in the future.

The book I’m currently writing is tentatively called The Fallen -the working title has changed several times and will probably change again! It opens with our main character Siobhan encountering a mysterious, seriously injured man in the woods who transfers to her a kind of “super power,” I guess you could call it. She thinks he’s probably dead until he turns up as…

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