Friday Fictioneers Take One

This is the first time I’m trying one of these Friday Fictioneers photo prompts. The photo is below, and my piece is after that. The challenge is to get it down to 100 words, although it’s not required.

I don’t know what made me want to write it from first-person-plural, but it was a fun experiment. So it’s either a group hiding out, or Gollum…..

Copyright-Janet Webb


Genre: Science fiction, apocalyptic


Inside we wait for the explosions to stop.

Outside the sky is thick and gray with veins of red fire. But in here everything is pitch dark. We can barely see our hands as we reach for each other.

Last night she came. We had to ask her to leave. There’s no more room and not enough rations. When she wouldn’t, we had to make her. We try not to think about it now and hope that the war will stay out.

Finally the earth stills and we can uncover our ears. When we emerge, it’s all gone.

Word Count – 98


22 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers Take One

  1. It sounds reasonable that a group would be hiding out in this scenario . . . or maybe Gollum is hiding out, lol.

    I hope you enjoy the Friday Fictioneers! I like seeing how diverse the stories can be every week.


  2. “We can barely see our hands as we reach for each other.” – liked that line. scenes that made me *shudder* they made her leave.. great story!
    PS welcome! you’re gonna love this writing exercise 🙂


    • Thanks! “She” was originally “that person” until I whittled it down to about 100 words, and I think it much improved the effect of the story!


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