Coming to a Bookshelf Near You: Star Eyes

This is my response to today’s Daily Prompt: Coming to a BookShelf Near You.

“Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.”

Here’s a book summary I wrote for my YA book, Star Eyes:


There’s something different about Celeste Lowe. Her friends sense it. Strangers are awed and terrified by it. Even her parents suspect it. And it’s not just the metallic sheen of her blond hair or her silver-blue eyes.

Celeste has a secret: She can move objects with her mind, without touching them. She can’t tell anyone her secret, so she never let’s anyone get too close –until Dave. Handsome, smart, normal Dave. Since she met Dave, she’s finding it harder and harder to keep her secret.

But then Hazri shows up. He’s not human, and he tells her that neither is she. They’re members of a highly advanced species from another world. To their people, she’s a VIP –the daughter of the ruling family. Not only that, but she’s already been promised to someone else…him.

Celeste finds herself caught between two worlds: The one she never really felt she was a part of (until Dave), and the one where she truly belongs. But is this world everything Hazri claims it to be, or does it have a secret of its own? Are his people –their people –behind the disappearances of her best friend and so many other humans? Which world does she choose?

And does she have a choice?

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